6 Reasons for Web Hosting with Colibri Web Design

What is the difference between web hosting and web design?

Web design is building an attractive layout for your website. We also want to make sure your clients can navigate your website with ease and find the information that is relevant to your brand. With good web hosting, we make sure that the website loads fast, is secure and always working.

What are the main features of Colibri Web Design hosting?

1. Crazy Website Uptime

Quality hosting providers are known to have little or no downtime. It means that your website is available to load 99.99% if not 100% of the time. Downtime can affect your monthly traffic, especially if the site is down for several hours. You don’t want your potential client to find a different business to work with or add products to your competitor’s cart because your website is down.

2. Hottest Speed Technology

Your files and databases are stored on the most recent technology hardware, delivered by the fastest web servers. Your website speed and load time are optimized around the globe and we personally make sure that your website is regularly updated with the most recent software technology.

3. Mesmerizing Support

We love helping our clients! We are available 24/7 over the phone and via email. Unlike other hosting services, you can also talk to us in person during office hours. Coffee is on us in our office space in Eagle, CO. In addition, you can use the online support forum on our website. So many options!

4. Like a boss Professional email

Even as a small business owner, you still want to keep your personal and company emails separate. With our hosting services, we offer a variety of professional email accounts linked to your website (for example johndoe@yourbusiness.com). It gives your clients an extra confirmation that you are a legitimate business.

5. Rock Star Security

We appreciate your business and respect your clients. That being said, we want your website to be protected from spammers and hackers. To protect your clients, we offer SSL certificates. The green lock displayed next to your URL will gain your visitor’s trust and encrypt all data transferred from the website to the server. SSL certificates are a great choice for all size websites, from a blog with newsletter subscriptions to e-commerce websites.

6. Whoops Backups

Feel secure when adding content to your website. With our hosting plans, your website is backed up multiple times a day and therefore available for restoration.

We offer different hosting plans for different size websites. Don’t see anything that fits your needs? Contact us and we’ll make a custom plan.

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