These 7 Creative Marketing Ideas Will Transform Your Business

Besides having a great logo design for your business, customers won’t flock to your door unless you market your business. If you plan on marketing your business according to yesterday’s standards, you’ve lost the game before starting. To stand out, use these 7 creative marketing ideas for your business.

Great Content and Email Marketing

Creative use of email marketing for your business means offering great content to your readers. Connect with your clients by offering unique, informative, and useful content. This will ensure they read your emails. Use clever ways of including your business products in the content. Make sure your content is easy to read. The more shares you get, the more exposure your business enjoys.

Since email marketing is your brand communication channel, make sure you brand with an email marketing logo prominently displayed on the digital content. A responsive logo design is useful to have for this purpose which allows your logo to be displayed on any type of device and scale to fit the recipients’ screens without distracting them.


Create an Online Business Award

Many businesses work on getting identified as the overall best in their industry. This prompts them to apply for online awards in order for them to attract customers. But instead of rushing to apply for existing online awards, do the reverse. Start a credible online award for businesses in your industry. This will draw lots of traffic to your site and your business will get increased visibility. Being creative demands you to do ordinary things in a special way.

Freebies for All!

People love the idea of getting something for free. If your business can offer attractive giveaways to your target customers, you will get more customers from this creative marketing stunt. For example, you can offer a meal for two at the best restaurant in your town or a holiday giveaway. Besides creating raffles for free meals or holiday specials, you can offer electronic products such as ebooks or gift vouchers they can use in your store. Use psychology of marketing and see what works best for your business in terms of affordability and is a great attraction. Remember, don’t make it hard for your customers to participate. Your goal is to market your business not to create hurdles.

High-Quality Video Content

Video content is increasing in popularity among consumers. If you are not using videos as one of the creative marketing ideas for your business, you are missing out! You can package video content in different interesting ways. A few include whiteboard explainer videos, instructional videos, customer interviews, or a tour of your production line. The goal is to connect with your target consumer and market your business.

Get on SlideShare

SlideShare is a great opportunity to market your business. It’s not costly and you get to reach a wide audience using this platform. And, you don’t have to work too hard to get content to share. Using your informative business presentations saved in PowerPoint format, rework the content and make it useful for marketing goals. Upload the content on SlideShare and you can market your business to millions of visitors using the platform.

Capitalize on Great Customer Feedback

If you don’t buy a product before checking the reviews on it, by now you know the power of good reviews. Don’t sit and smile on the good reviews you get from your customers. Magnify the positive feedback and use it to market your business. Create marketing content based on the good reviews you accumulate. Share the content on different media channels. This will show the true face of your business, and you will reach more numbers using this creative marketing method.

Photo by Liana De Laurent on Pexels.

Embrace Art

We all love eye-catching art. Why not use it as another creative way to market your business? Create street art that lingers on the minds of target customers long after they walk away from it. Make sure you include hashtags they can use to check your business products online. Think of graffiti, wall murals or even chalk art. If you are lucky, customers can take photos of the art and share them widely.


These 7 creative marketing ideas for your business are worth your investment. Online business awards draw attention to the host business. Strive to continuously market your products by offering great content while using email marketing. Content in video form is popular than text. Use SlideShare often to market your business. Magnify your wins on social media and using art is a smart marketing move.

Author Bio

Elizabeth Summer is a freelance content writer who has previous experience in a digital design agency. She writes about branding, graphic design and digital marketing. Her favorite time of the day is after midnight when she comes up with creative ideas.

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