Hosting & Other Services

Yay, you're getting a new website! Now what?

What else will we need when making a new website? Whether we're updating our old website or building a brand new one, there are a few additional things we need to consider...

Colibri Web Design offers a complete web presence set up. We want to make sure your website is modern, offers a secure connection for your clients and is standing out on search engine pages. Below you will find a list of additional services that will make the most out of your website.

Step one

Give it some Love

Logo Design


Content Writing & Translation

Step two

Give it a place to Live


Colibri Web Design Hosting

Web Hosting

Different web hosting plans

Speed Technology

24/7 support

Extreme security

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Secure Email

Step three

Make it Shine

Social Media


Analytics & Ads

And last but not least

Start accepting Credit Card Payments

Credit card processing

Lowest rates in the area

Small business friendly

24/7 support

Compatible with all devices

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