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Website Design Process

  • 1. Idea and consultation

    Contact us to set up a free consultation meeting or a phone call. We will discuss your website type, rebranding possibilities and additional services options. We will determine the main features of your business and make a plan to make your website shine in the online world.

  • 2. Design

    It's our turn now! You can just sit back and wait to receive a couple of drafts of your new website. All you have to do is decide what design you like the most and wait for the completed version of your website.

  • 3. Review & Content

    The first and main draft of your new website is done, now it is time for reviews. Maybe you would like to add more content or modules or take some out? Not a problem! We will keep making changes until you are satisfied! This is also the time when we need to fill the website with content - that is as important as the design!

  • 4. Integration

    Yaaay! We have a beautifully designed website with awesome content but the world can't see it yet. Depending on what our online presence status is, this process can take a few minutes (new domain) to a couple of days (transferring domains). We'll do the magic behind the scenes and we'll notify you as soon as your website is up and running!

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